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Waterloo Region Citizens 4 PR is a grassroots citizens group which supports proportional representation and works to help elect MPs who will fight for it.


We are endorsing the following two candidates in Kitchener Centre.







Mike Morrice, Green Party





Beisan Zubi, NDP

Mike Morrice was a strong supporter of PR in the 2019 election campaign. In this election, it is one of the priority issues on his website. He recently reached out to offer blog space on his site to two PR activists. You can read their excellent blog here:

Beisan Zubi is a first time federal candidate. Electoral reform is not on her website. She is being endorsed based on the party's policy position in favour of PR. 

If you would like to know about Liberal candidate Raj Saini's track record of inaction on electoral reform, we invite you to read this page. Volunteers have visited him since he was re-elected in 2019 asking him to advocate for a National Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform, and they tell us he stated to them "I won't be your champion." This would be consistent with the last six years. 

Waterloo Region Citizens 4 PR is a registered third party with Elections Canada. We are independent of political campaigns, who have no input into our activities. We may endorse them, but that does not mean they endorse us, or our activities. 


Read the 2019 article about us in the Record!

NOTE: Waterloo Region Citizens 4 PR also wishes to recognize the Animal Protection Party, which actively advocates for proportional representation. 

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