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2019 campaign

Holding politicians accountable. Electing MPs who will fight for proportional representation.

In the last federal election, the Liberals promised that 2015 was the last election with first-past-the-post. That they would make every vote count. That they would follow evidence-based policy and listen to the experts on electoral reform. Justin Trudeau stated that voters "positively and massively responded to us and the other parties who promised to reform Canada's electoral system."

88% of the experts who testified to the federal Electoral Reform Committee recommended proportional representation. 70% of 360,000 Canadians the Liberals surveyed preferred that parties share power.  In February, 2017, the Liberals broke their promise.  

What Liberal MP Raj Saini Promised 

Watch the 37 second video

Kitchener Centre Liberal MP Raj Saini personally committed to the voters of this riding that he would champion proportional representation.

Raj made the commitment during his nomination race, when the other candidate seeking the nomination was a strong supporter of PR.

At a packed debate on electoral reform, sitting beside the NDP and Green candidate Raj told voters: 

"Like I said, we are very very CLEAR, and I want to make sure everybody is clear in this room, that this is the last election the Liberal Party will support first-past-the-post."

"So for me personally, any system that is fair and effective and meets the certain criteria we all have, to make sure our vote counts, I would be supporting that system."

Kitchener Centre was one of Leadnow's strategic voting target ridings - and Raj was the endorsed candidate to beat the Conservative. Time and again, volunteers heard at the door, "I will vote strategically this time, because I will never have to do it again."

What has Raj Done on Electoral Reform Since Being Elected?

Raj has done nothing to speak up for his promise to Kitchener voters on electoral reform. 

He has not spoken in the House of Commons or publicly once for proportional representation. 

In May 2017, in advance of an important vote in the House of Commons on electoral reform, a group of Leadnow supporters delivered pages and pages of signatures asking Raj to help keep the promise on electoral reform, collected by going door to door. This is in addition to petitions presented to Raj by Fair Vote Waterloo in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

In May 2017,  a poll was done in 20 Liberal ridings (over 16,000 people) including Kitchener Centre, asking about support for PR and whether voters wanted their MP to speak up to keep the electoral reform promise.

In Kitchener Centre, 75% of decided respondents agreed that Raj should speak up for electoral reform.

But he did not. 

All Raj has done since the promise was broken is issue excuses written by the PMO.

Kitchener Centre residents deserve an MP who will fight to get electoral reform back on the table.

Waterloo Region Citizens 4 PR is a grassroots group asking voters to help elect an MP we can trust.


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